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This site focuses on information about people called Doodson – the history of the Doodson name, family trees, various Doodsons in the public eye or from around the world, as well as photos of Doodsons and various memorabilia and genealogy tips. The menu at left is pretty self-explanatory. 

Recent Updates: 

September 2019 - Some minor updates to the main Australia family tree (the one headed by Robert and Ann Doodson), with additional information from Jennifer Wall.  Also a splendid essay written by Jennifer about Edward (known as George) Doodson (1825-84).

June 2019 - The BBC broadcast an item about preparations for the D-Day landings 75 years ago on their main news broadcasts on Tuesday 4th June, including a short section about tide forecasts which were led by Arthur Doodson.  I’ve included a video of this item for everyone to see.  This sequence is no longer available in BBC iPlayer.  I’ve also added videos broadcast by the BBC many years ago, also about Arthur, from “Local Heroes” (1998) and “Coast” (2012).

New: search the site - a new feature in Sparkle, the software used to create and maintain the site - see at top right of page.

March 2019 - new Blog added to the site!  This is mainly for non-Doodson related genealogy articles or musings.  Take a look - click here.

November 2018 - updated design site-wide, using new Mac software called Sparkle.  Minor edits to many pages to correct long-standing typos!

October 2018 - updated the Genealogy Tips pages to reflect new sources being available and new tips that I've come to find useful in trickier parts of my research.

July 2018 - a new family tree, "Heywood", focusing on a branch of the Doodsons from Bury to move to Heywood and Walmersley by the late 1980s, and linking to one of the USA trees.

July 2018 - More updates relating to Doodsons who served in WW1 - some fascinating photos and newspaper report of the funeral of BSM Albert Doodson in Colne in 1918 and a memorial autograph book entry by Ernest Doodson on discharge in 1919. Changed the graphical theme of the site. Just for a change. If it all looks a bit weird that's because of this redesign.

May 2018 - Howdy y'all! Yes, after several years gestation we've finally added a page about Doodson families in the United States of America! Complete with a PDF showing the various families that have been significant in the USA since the mid-1800s, as well as quite a few that we've not been able to track back to the UK at all. If any Doodson in the USA has more information please contact us!

April 2018 - Yes, we're still here! Update on the destiny of Peter Doodson who was transported to Tasmania in 1843 on the "brief history of Doodsons" page. Moved Australia page so it shows on the menu at left. More updates to the Glossop Tree 2. Added some photos from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to the Doodsons in WW1 page (thanks Lee!). Lots more changes to come as I'm working on Doodsons that went to the United States of America. Watch this space (and if you are a Doodson living in the USA do contact me).

REQUEST - still trying to track down the diary of Robert Doodson: I came across an extract from a book on Google called the "Schoolmasters Notebook" (use this link to view it) in which Robert and Ann Doodson record their perilous journey from England to Australia in 1840/41. This is truly fascinating reading, giving contemporary insights that are rare. This document refers to a diary that Robert wrote, which was passed down to his great grandson, also called Robert, living in Sydney at the time the book was published (1957). We think that would have been either Robert Doodson (b.1887, d.1978) or Robert Doodson (b.1890 d.1968) Does anyone have this diary? It would be fantastic to be able to track this down and read some of the entries. If anyone has this diary could you please contact us? THANK YOU!

All previous updates are now listed in the Updates Log (see menu at left)

[If you've come here trying to find the Doodson Broking Group, please click here to take your browser to the right place. For what it's worth Doodson were taken over in 2013 by a US company called Integer, but they retain their Doodson name for their insurance activities.]